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MIDLAND TRUST addresses the operational needs of private fund managers who invest in alternative asset classes including Private Equity, Private Debt, Venture Capital, and more. Our dashboard system is created to meet your needs. We can execute your investment paperwork and transactions, bringing alternative investment expertise without the cost of hiring additional talent. As a qualified custodian, Midland Trust can be engaged to help Advisors comply with the Custody Rule and offer document safekeeping services as well.

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An RIA had a group of 20 or so high net worth clients who wanted to invest in a private equity opportunity. The individuals, while each wealthy, could not meet the investment minimum individually. The RIA opened a Private Fund account with Midland to pool all of their clients’ commitments together and subscribed to the private equity fund as one investor. This worked because they had no issue hitting the minimum with all the individuals pooled together. It had the added benefit of being able to lessen the impact of the PE fund’s fees. By enlisting Midland Trust as the qualified custodian, the RIA was able to comply with the Custody Rule with a surprise exam - rather than a full annual audit. This again saved the RIA and its clients money.

By leveraging MidlandDash, the RIA was easily able to operate this private fund vehicle, a new endeavor for the RIA. The RIA was able to access this high-yield opportunity, while limiting the fees of its auditor and the fund manager.


A start-up VC partnership approached Midland about their upcoming fund launch. It was their first fund, and for their team of two experienced VCs, they needed back-end support to make sure everything ran smoothly. The partners wanted to focus completely on finding new opportunities and performing their due diligence. In other words, reporting, cash management and investment paperwork isn’t what they wanted to be spending their precious time, particularly since they were a small team.

They hired Midland because of the peace of mind they brought to the table as an experienced qualified custodian of private, alternative investments but also because the VC could avoid having to hire another person strictly to take care of the minutiae of operating a private fund. With limited resources of time and money, they were able to easily manage their fund with MidlandDash and focus on hitting on their first few deals while starting up.


A new Private Equity group with a short but strong track record engaged Midland Trust to help comply with their investors’ due diligence requirements. Their investor base included Family Offices, Endowments and Municipalities, all who value transparency in addition to results.

By enlisting Midland Trust as the custodian of their new fund, the Private Equity team was able to provide comfort to each of their investor groups in terms of their operations, deal flow and timelines. The partners planned to invest in a blended portfolio of agricultural and wellness opportunities, which in their nature, have longer horizons and/or are hard to value. Midland managed and reported on cash activity and took custody of each of their investments. This provided security and reassurance to the funds’ investors that the fund was doing exactly what it was set up to do, leading them to place more capital in this and future vehicles led by the Private Equity group.